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Granted, I'm sure it's obvious, but in design, I lean towards minimalism. Granted, minimalism gets thrown around a lot these days.


The best way to get a message across is to remove all of the things that don't directly contribute and replacing it with sleek, beautiful, whitespace. As much as possible, I try to use spaces between objects to facilitate natural divisions. Which. I mean. Minimalism 101, right? But luckily for everyone involved, I have serious problems when committing to a design philosophy so I am always going out of my way to re-invent my approach to design. 

Below are a collection of work samples that I have developed, as well as clients who I have done design work with. (It's a growing list.) I'm always conditioning my aesthetic sensibilities and always interested in challenging myself.


Honestly I have more white space than I know what to do with. WORKIN ON IT.

See something you like? Don't be a stranger! <3

Thanks for checking this out!

My portfolio pages are only available on the desktop version!

NyK Logo no bg.png

I've worked with Nyk Detlor for a few pro bono jobs. Displayed is the first logo I designed for him — and I made this in a simple word document. Though when he made the decision to rebrand, I had already gotten some Adobe feathers in my cap.

As of now, he has yet to launch Flaunt, but I do expect I will have more opportunities to help him develop this brand.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 9.44.16 PM.png

I've been friends with James Somerton for many years. And when he first made the decision to begin a boutique marketing agency, I jumped at the opportunity to help out. While I did not design this site, it looked much more different before I began consulting.

After weeks of researching how agencies in New York and London designed their websites, this was the result. I also wrote all the copy for this homepage.


I'd bought an 80mm lens for my birthday and wasn't going to miss out the opportunity to use it for a school project. We don't settle for cross-armed or two-fingers-on-the-jaw professional headshots here. My classmate, Rachel Cunningham rocked this shoot.

I actually got a fairly low mark on this assignment, specifically because it was not clear that we had to mimic the style of another spread. I mean. Worth it.

OHC Fact Sheet (portfolio).jpg

Alright. So. For an NSCC assignment, Our Health Centre didn't supply us with a logo. So to make this fact sheet, I had to basically build a new logo as close in approximation to their brand. Hours were spent finding an accompanying font that was perfect enough to not tell a difference.

All and all, I'm very impressed with how I managed to puzzle this together. I had a lot of fun making it! : )

Post Card Front1.jpg

I may have spent nearly $100 to get this photo specifically to make this assignment.

I know it says 'explore Truro' — but after getting lost on the way home I can let you know that it really isn't necessary.


Ah! This was when I first started cutting my teeth with InDesign. So there's a lot I'd have done differently!

I would have made it flashier. The cover was too... (for lack of a better word) basic. Lifetime-style. Desaturated. It's just a little bland. Needed more colour and more POP.


Both photos are by me! (Thanks to Dave Hoskin for being a fantastic model!)


Unlike the NOW Print, I had full creative control over the digital newsletter. And this time I didn't want to make it easy for other groups to copy the design either. (We'd all been through the same classes! :P)

I wanted to open it up and see how I could piece it together to look like something you wouldn't expect. Learning from the first newsletter, I wanted this to be bold, striking, and visual. Also took most of the pics.

nickherrgott_interactiveportfolio copy.j

This is the piece that will get hung in the MET. I'm so intensely happy with this, even though a lot of it just sucks. Though it was the testing ground for this website's colour palette.

Sick off-my-feet for about a whole week, my prof was not budging at all on giving an extension. So. Fever-hazed and hopped up on cough syrup and holding a strong grudge against the letter 'J', I offer you my piece de resistance!

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