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about me

I'm Nick Herrgott. 


When writing fiction I am N.T. Herrgott.

An unorthodox career path has afforded me a diverse and unconventional background has afforded me a vast range of skills and talents. As the saying goes:"Jack of all trades, master of none—but better than master of one." Though really, I'm quite handy with a keyboard, camera, or design and layout software. I've got a good eye for what 'looks good;' the easy part is figuring out how to make it work.

In 2015, I earned a degree in English literature. I excelled in critical analysis, but have a background in philosophy and sociology. In 2020, I earned a post-secondary diploma in public relations—in which that course also provided a foundation in photography, photo editing, branding, and design. Having built websites, I am familiar with a number of CMS platforms including Wix, Editor X, Square Space, and GoDaddy.

My past work experience has also given me insight into video production and editing. Self-publishing a fiction novel has also afforded me a strong familiarity with layout and formatting programs. But this experience also included compositing and blending complex graphics from a number of visual assets, developing a familiarity with the publishing process, and indulging strong opinions about the Oxford comma that are not shared by the Canadian Press Style.  >: [

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