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Website relaunch! Everything is more or less the same, but streamlined some stuff to make it easier to adapt to new things. I used Wix for my previous site and wanted to use a CMS that was a bit more responsive so I rebuilt it from the ground up in Editor X. Bit of a learning curve but it was worth the struggle!

While I am looking for new work, I will be taking time to return to my my first true love: fiction—and I will keep updates on progress into existing projects as well as WIPs in that space. I will also be taking some of my older blogs, cleaning them up, and moving them here also... I'm coming around to making some new blogs. Honestly I've move beyond a lot of what I've written before and it's not that I dislike my old thoughts, but I'm more focused on my new ones... Maybe a little salty that I couldn't transfer the views some of them had. >_>

Site issues:

  • There are some sizing issues for the images—the CMS doesn't seem to be accurately depicting what shows up in browsers.

  • Making the window too wide will cause some visual issues on Safari.

  • The animation effects are a little jittery.



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