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Shhhhhhh.... spooooilers...

407 A.D. — MCLX A.U.C.


A spirit named Hare departs his home in the woods on a quest bestowed by a matron who may be the last of the Olympian Gods. With legends and songs as his only glimpse into civilization, instead of the sprawling, infinite empire he dreamed of, Rome is found weathered, jaded, and wanting. Crumbling under the weight of piety and decadence, yet bereft of both wealth and virtue.


Burdened with obligation, he must navigate Italia and the empire she hosts, restoring the land to its natural hierarchy. Only when the land yields again to Gaea’s will, can Hare seal away the putrid, festering evil he released.

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After living a conspicuously normal life as the adopted child of a lovely couple in rural England, Ryan Forscythe is nearly 27 and still trying to figure out where he fits into the world. His birth parents, however, present a bit of a complication. They are Thetis and Aristaeus — the Gods of Greek myth — and Ryan is Aemaodes, the first addition to the House of Olympia in over 3000 years.


Having been ordinary his entire life, Ryan isn't rightly sure on how to go about being extraordinary. What should he even want to be the God of? Luckily, his now-suddenly-very-close extended family is rather invested in being there to make these decisions— err... to help him make these decisions.


With all his newfound relatives vying for his favour, Ryan learns that it's a little absurd to expect a family of immortals to show up without bringing a few millennia's worth of family drama.

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The Town of Crestpeak is the largest town in the rural region of Cole Valley, [REDACTED], USA. Seemingly cut off from the rest of America, life goes on nevertheless. Marriages are ordained,  homes are bought, meth is cooked, pregnancies are teenaged — all those normal, wholesome staples of Small-America can be found here. And the strange barrier of fog surrounding the town, separating it from the rest of the world, is only spoken of in whispers. If at all.

How could anyone want more?


Sammie, though, feels trapped, isolated and alone… at least until he finds a kindred spirit in Gabe, a  too-mystic-for-this-shit classmate. Together, they fall into a rivalrous, contemptuous friendship where they egg one another toward the forbidden — dreaming of a life literally anywhere else.

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Bootlegger, conman, and criminal — Gatz Morlet has a bit of a reputation around town. But when the NYPD sniffs him out, a mysterious individual offers him passage out of the country. The year is 1932; the destination is the nation of Atlantis. Separated from the financial ruin sprawling across the rest of the world, the glamour, opulence, and debauchery of the twenties never ended.


Gatz gets to do it all over again, and he's gonna stay on the straight and narrow this time.


But asylum comes with a hidden cost. Gatz' mysterious benefactor has use for his skills, and he soon finds himself at the center of a conspiracy sealed deep under the pristine marble and chrome of the Great Silver Capitol. Atlantis may be too powerful and ancient to sink, but the ocean floor has been littered with bodies to keep this secret in the darkest parts of the sea.

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