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Alright so. I hope nobody who clicked on this is an employer because the word I hate more than any other non-discriminatory word is 'professional'.

I mean. I'm okay with 'moist' — I really hate the word 'puberty' though. It just sounds gross. In my mouth.

I really wish that I could do a thing where when you pick one profile option it locks it in so you can't see the other. THERE BITCH, YA STUCK WITH IT. But like. I'm pretty okay with 'design' but coding isn't really something I'm strong with. I might look up a tutorial on how to do that but it seems so insanely specific I can't imagine it would be an easy time. If anyone reading this knows what I'm talking about and knows any YouTube tutorials that could help out, I'd SUPER appreciate going to vast lengths to be that kind of troll.

That said, I really don't appreciate reading back the other profile and seeing just how 'cringe' it is. I go through waves of self-irritation and that thing seems to hit a sensitive spot. I hate being disingenuous... Still tallying the damage of being forced into a  'professional' bubble from school. I just wanna vibe, you know? But apparently I need to spend every second of my life talking myself up and holding myself to a certain standard of behaviour that was arbitrarily decided upon based on 1950s values.

Hooray for hegemonistic cultural relics dating from a privilege- centric society, while at the same time going out of it's way to 'modernize' by incorporating tokenistic elements of colloquial 'wokeness'!


First thing about me. It's hard to get me to shut up. And I generally don't like socializing so I just ended up writing a lot in comments and messages that I decided: "hey why not write like... a book?"

Lol. No, that's not how it actually happened.

I was never a big reader. Don't get me wrong, I love stories and I love art and literature and learning. But I always ended up a little disappointed with how things happened. Now, this was back when I was 13-15 and making the transition from children's literature to 'grown-up' books. Granted, I came of age just as the 'Young Adult' market was emerging. I can carbon date myself by what grade I was in when the Twilight series finished.


Really big mixed feelings about Twilight....

I read complicated books that weren't fun to read. I read fun books which were robbed of complexity. I found myself spending more time dreaming about how I would write a book differently than actually reading the book.  So I just... started writing my own. Between 16-19 I wrote two and a half novels, probably more than 200,000 words each. They weren't very good... but they were a start.

I can safely say I was writing about Werewolves before Stephanie Meyer made it cool. But I've abandoned the stories; I haven't abandoned lovely monster-boys.

I had a long hiatus from writing while I was in University. There was a lot going on and it was something that slipped out of my mind. It wasn't until I was 25 that I started to practice again. Short fiction and the original concept for both The Avalon Knight and The Sovereign Wilds came out of this year. I've been sticking to those projects mostly, with some other projects being added.

Since then I've gone back to school and expanded my talents to include professional writing, social media management, and graphic design. Which is ironic because I didn't go to school for graphic design and I'm really wishing I had. No matter what kind of 'real' job I have, I'd always like to consider myself a career author.

As it stands, I'm basically the world's worst speller. I'm terrible. It takes a lot of self-motivation to edit my own work, though I don't have so much of a problem working with others. Huge props to all the help I get with editing my work, and also online spell-checking services.

You guys are the REAL heroes.


I'm only here to drink coffee and be a sarcastic bitch.


I'm also f**king hilarious. Have you noticed?


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